Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Perfect varnishing conditions

The weather was perfect for varnishing. Not too cold, not too hot, not too moist. I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I also continued in my futile attempt to paint with Interlux Brightsides. This time I added some Penetrol on the recomendation of a chemist friend of mine. It definitely helped. I am not sure if I got it right yet but it helped.

Speaking of Brightsides, it is not only tough to apply but it was quite tough to sand off too. My sliding hatch was painted with Brightsides. It looked okay but since I want it to match the rest of the deck I sanded it down and will prime it with the rest of the boat. It took quite a while to sand off. At one point I went to pull off the sanding disc and found that the center of the hook and loop pad on the sander had actually melted itself to the sanding disc. No, I was not leaning into the sander particularly hard. It was quite hot outside in the direct sun and it was slow going so the pad evidently got too hot. No big deal I thought. The discs continued to stick to the pad so I carried on.

Well today, I went to start some sanding and I couldn't get the sanding discs to stick at all. Apparently, the little grabbers on the pad melted enough and after it cooled will no longer work. I had a spare so I was able to continue on but I am done with hook-and-loop discs. When I order next time I am going to switch to sticky pads. Funny, I have been using these hook-and-loops for the past three years of heavy sanding with no problems and in the past six months I have started going through pads. Three actually. Strange.

Anyway, after varnishing and painting in the morning I was out at the boat. I spent some time fitting the mahogony block that the deck water fitting will sit on. Curiously, the fitting didn't look quite right sitting perfectly vertical against the camber of the deck. It just looked better with a touch of lean to the outside.

And, because I love sanding so much and will miss it so terribly soon enough, I sanded the interior overhead liner in preparation for applying a primer coat. I also finished sanding up the taffrail, cockpit lids and a few other spots that I applied fairing filler to yesterday. Of course I found more little spots that could use some fairing. I suspect it will never end. At some point I may have to just say enough is enough and call it good.

Now I am late for a home cooked meal.

I'm outta here.


ariel414 said...

1. Is that your forward hatch in the varnishing pic? Looking good! Can we see the top of that beauty?
2. How is your water fill going to be plumbed below? It looks like it goes right into the v-berth area.
3. BTW, verrrrry nice looking installation of said deck fill! That is going to look really sharp! Kind of makes me think that CREAM colored topsides would really accent all your brightwork nicely... ;)

britton said...

1. Yes, that is the forward hatch. A boat was being broken up and the owner had a mini yard sale and I picked up this mahogany hatch that fit perfectly for $20. The original Triton fiberglass hatch cover is VERY plain. The top is just non-skid paint with a wood border. When I get to non-skid painting I will include a picture. For now it is old scuffed up paint on top.
2. I think what you are referring to as the water fill is actually my deck water fitting for the heater stovepipe. Its an old fashioned design that holds water around the fitting to keep it cool. The original fitting burned my balsa deck coring so I wanted to do something different.
The actual water fills do indeed go through to the V-berth from the starboard chainplate area.
3. Yeah, cream or a very light beige is what I have in mind for a non-skid color.

ariel414 said...

2. Silly me. That would be a very unusual "water fill" to say the least. Still, a very nice installation.
3. Obviously you wouldn't paint your topsides the same color as the non-skid on your deck. Maybe you're planning on something to match your GREEN sail cover?

britton said...

Oops! well now it is MY bad. Yeah topsides - super secret hush hush...

The canvas is going to clash I am afraid. When I get around to it I am going to sell it all so I won't be tempted to use it.

Tim said...

I'm glad to head you're giving up on those silly hook-and-loop pads. It seemed that ever time I'd read your update you'd be talking about how yet another one had failed you and you were waiting again.

Learning slowly is better than not learning at all! :<)

Keep up the good work.

Heather said...

Are we sure he's learning?

britton said...

Learning?...maybe. Having fun? Definitely!

Mind you I never had a problem with the hook and loop pads until six months ago. Six months ago I had a year's supply of sanding disks to use up.

brushfiremedia said...

That wasn't actually Heather, Britton... She just keeps logging herself in on my computer and I don't notice!

britton said...

Oh, I knew that. Heather is much too polite and cultured to say something so rude and obnoxious

brushfiremedia said...

You clearly don't know her as well as you think!