Friday, May 30, 2008

2nd coat

I put a second coat on the hull, cabin house sides and cockpit sides.

There was some wind yesterday and I think that is why the primer was setting up so quickly. Today was a no-wind day and I had much more time to work with the primer before it set up. The second coat looks much better than the first. Lesson learned.

It looked good when I applied the primer but when I went back this evening to cover the boat (tomorrow is a rainy day) I could see just a hint of the undercoatings, namely the dark spots where the fairing filler was. It was faint and I had to look a bit but it was there. Because of that and the fact that my first coat went on a bit rough I am thinking I am going to order some more materials and put on a third coat. That will give me enough to sand down through to a smooth surface. That is what I think tonight anyway. I might try some sanding first and see how it goes. At $120 for a gallon of each of the two part primer parts I really don't want any more extra sitting on my shelf than I have to.

The sun was out while I was lightly sanding the primer in preparation for the second coat. The sun on the bright white primer was really burning my eyes. That, and applying the shiny second coat made me wish for my tinted safety glasses. Painful.