Sunday, December 18, 2011

Slap Me.

I have been a very naughty boy. I just realized it has been two months since I last updated this blog.

I could list the reasons, the latest being a nasty computer virus, but no one really cares, and it is still my fault anyways.

The main reason for the lack of postings is because there has been a lack of progress. The only real thing accomplished was putting Jenny to bed for the winter.

Nothing too fancy this year. Last year I spent more time building a winter cover than I spent actually working on the boat so this year I went with a simple ridgepole and tarp. I can open the tarp if I want to but I don't plan on working inside of the boat much this winter. I did all the usual winterization stuff - nothing worth noting there. I re-used the framework around the bottom of the boat to secure the tarp to. I did not realize at the time that without the bow frames tying the bottom framework and the ridgepole that there was nothing to keep the bottom framework from being pulled up by the tarp. I have one 2x4 that goes under the keel and holds the framework down but the ends still want to fly up. My solution was to take the re-bar that kept the bottom frame in position last year and bend the ends over like candy canes and drive them in over the top of the frame.

The ground is pretty soft and the re-bar is not staying in too well so I wound up going to Home Despot and buying the tube sand at $3 for a 60 pound bag and laying a few across the frame until the ground freezes.

The holidays are taking up my time at the moment but the next project is to take the galley counter top mockup and start making a real countertop. That should start in the next few weeks.

Just for fun I thought I would include pictures from previous winter covers.







Sorry again for the lack of postings. I will try to be better.

God Jul og Godt Nytt År!!