Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bringing up my mood

Funny, I was still a little bothered today about my imagination.

That and I had several other pressing projects and the weather was a bit iffy so I postponed hull and deck primer until tomorrow.

So today I did a little more varnishing. That always helps.

And here is a closeup up the block that extends the little teak piece on the bow so that the anchor roller has something to mount to. In the background is the forward hatch. Someone spent some time building it. It might not be the perfect forward hatch but it is much better than the chintzy looking all fiberglass standard Triton hatch. That thing is just an embarasment.

Why I chose to varnish the original spice rack / electrical panel is beyond me. What a pain getting into all those nooks and crannies.

Finally, I put some primer on the panel that goes behind the toilet and covers up the (majority) of the head plumbing. This fir beadboard looks okay in houses but its kinda crummy when you start looking closely at it. I am not complaining. I was well warned. This might turn into a pattern for the real panel later. I put two coats of boiled linseed oil on both sides and the interior is painted with bilgekote. The exterior has prime-kote on it now (and will probably get another coat or two to hide some of the heavy fir grain) and I will finish it with Interlux premium yacht enamel. all in the hopes of making it look better than it is. The teak boards and little doors that are in the varnishing picture are installed on this panel. Should be a nice look. Hopefully the varnished teak will lead your eyes away from the questionable beadboard.

Other projects today were to finish up some details on my jeep that I need to sell. Selling the jeep is going to pay off the credit card balance I incurred from the new standing rigging and roller furler I obtained over the winter. Anyone looking for an older jeep? Its lots of fun but every time I see it I want to turn it into a project and I am not allowed to until the boat is declared "done". That won't happen any time soon.

I really need the cash too...

Later Gators.

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