Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Once more into the breach

I sure hope it works this time.

I didn't get as early start as I wanted. I started by washing down the decks, then wiping them to remove the last traces of dust, then solvent wiped. I only managed to get two coats down comfortably. I had hoped for three coats but I am a bit gunshy about rushing things. As it was the deck was a bit sticky underfoot on that last coat. I will put a final coat on the sections that will be white tomorrow if I think it needs it. I really don't know how much it needs as I have no idea what I am doing really...

Earlier this week I primed the interior overhead liner. The effect was immediate and gratifying. I have been looking at that splotchy liner ever since I bought the boat and I cringed every time. Now, as I climb up the ladder into the cockpit I catch a glimpse and I smile...

I also did a little more varnishing and painting (paint still isn't what I want it to be) On one of the rainy days I finished up my deadlight ports. All bright and shiny now. I am gettng much quicker too. Hopefully that will translate to the opening ports I need to clean up next.

Priming in the sun all day and worrying about whether I was doing it right really wore me out. I think it is nap time.

Lukem u wantok


Ariel, CD 36 said...

"Once more into the breach." I love it! That's what makes sailors such a great bunch of people: they're skilled AND literate.
I'm enjoying following your progress. Good luck.

britton said...

I always had soft spot for Hank. No one ever said it better than Shakespeare. H.D. Thoreau is the guy I blame for my life choices though.

(Finding a copy of 'This Old Boat' in the bookstore and stumbling across that Tim guy's rebuilding project in the early stages didn't help either)

Some days I wonder if I am making much progress but it still remains fun and that is the real point. I know you know what I am talking about :-) Any updates?

Ariel, CD 36 said...

I've made a fair amount of progress with the CD36 (still, not nearly enough).

This time of year is always tough. As a teacher, I have the whole summer to look forward to, but first I have to wrap up grades, final exams, graduation weekend, and this crazy Midwest tradition of open houses following graduation. Suffice it to say, it's a busy time of year, and days devoted to the boat are in short supply.

I did, however, crawl up into the A30 Friday evening, bang out a few mud daubers' nests, shake my head in mourning, and promise to get back to work soon.

Thanks for the inspiration you provide.