Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Never ending

Its never ending.

Actually, I just can't help myself and the more I look for defects, the more defects I find.

I applied fairing filler today to some very minor blemishes- pinholes, a few slightly low spots, that sort of thing. The threat of rain made me put off finishing the cabin top so I came back this morning and did the cabin and decks. And then before I thought about it I started on a few small spots on the hull I had missed. That is going to make sanding tricky since most of the filler is dry but I am going to find the fresh stuff I put on this morning... I wasn't thinking.

I started to sand after waiting the 24 hours but it wasn't quite ready. On the filler I applied thinly I could hand sand quite easily. Other areas I had built up a little heavier (too heavy undoubtedly - more learning opportunities) and it was gumming up the paper. I will try again this afternoon.

I was a little concerned because I only bought a quart of each of the two parts that make up the Awl-Fair fairing filler. Turns out this is going to be more than enough. I have done 90% of the fairing I need to do and I have over half of the product still left. A little goes a very long ways. When I applied it correctly (thinly) it goes a very, very long ways. Nice stuff to work with too.


I went back and hand sanded the hull. Where I applied the fairing filler correctly it sanded very nicely. Where I was a little careless and applied too much (think too thick) it was still a little soft. Another learning experience: apply thin.


brushfiremedia said...

Remember: Good enough is good enough. Perfection is unattainable. Git 'er duuuuuun!

britton said...


Yes but the closer I get the more I think, "well, just one little bit more and then..." I am very close to saying 'Good Enough'. Whether I apply final primer before the weekend is debatable. I really don't want to apply it during the weekend because there are just too many spectators and people that want to talk. Weather is also a bit iffy. It will be done. Next week at the latest :-)