Sunday, May 18, 2008

Best Girlfriend Ever

I have the best girlfriend ever!

Today, we had an anniversary, and in my usual way had no idea about how to celebrate. If I am not talking or thinking about Tritons I can be a bit lost. This has been known to cause some friction in the relationship. Since I had no good ideas beyond sanding the remainder of my high build primer, the girlfriend, completely unprompted by me, suggested we drive to Bristol, RI and spend the warm sunny day at the Herreshoff museum. Oh my god I love this woman!

The museum is great. No one designed or built boats better than the Herreshoff factory and there are many examples and ideas to admire and absorb for later projects (Triton daysailor anyone?)

Making it even more special, I have been told that the Pearson factory had leased the same building the museum resides in now and that my Triton was built in that very building. I tried to confirm that rumor but the curators on duty were a bit vague and were not sure. The facility definitely could have been used to build Tritons and I could envision it. It was a strange feeling to think my boat was born on that very spot were I was standing; that the concrete floor once had drips of polyester resin from spillover from my boat being laid up in the mold or that she once sat like a fresh newborn taking its first breaths as a complete boat. Definitely a moment to relish.

I am weird. I already know that.

In retrospect, I have a growing suspicion that I am being duped. I keep hearing heavy sighs and comments about Herreshoff 12.5's and how nice they are and how nice it would be to own a nice small daysailor. I attempted to thwart these thoughts by showing a Cape Dory Typhoon. No luck. She wants the real deal.

What can I say, she has class...

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