Sunday, November 30, 2014

The summer that didn't happen...

The season came and went but nothing much was accomplished on Jenny all year which is why there hasn't been a blog update in forever.

Between financial setbacks, family issues and health issues every weekend this year was either a wash or severely impaired.

I am not too happy about it but that is what happened.  I can tell Jenny is not happy either.

So now I think the plan is to keep Jenny on the hard again next year and do next summer what I had planned on doing this summer.  Getting a summer mooring rental agreement with a decent price increase helped me make that decision a few weeks ago.  I like cruising more than day sails anyway and I don't have the ability to go on a cruise right now.  Maybe in a few years.

Jenny is back snug under her standard winter cover.  Nothing much to show there.  This year I have even less room at the boatyard and there is even more mud on the ground than before.  There is a good chance this is my last year at my current location.  I know I was spoiled before but this place is not working out and it is time to move on.

Anyway, just a boring update but boring is better than dead I guess.

Happy Holidays everyone and here is hoping for a more productive season next year :)