Friday, December 14, 2007

Winter arrives

Winter came this week.

That is my excuse anyway. Actually, if I am going to be honest, I needed the pause in the boat schedule. My friend Fred, part time boatbuilder, part time housebuilder, part time sailor, part time chemist, full time mad scientist, calls this "The Valley of Fatigue". After several boat restorations I guess he would know.

The break has been good. I am been pretty focused since last winter and I am catching up on everything else that I have been ignoring for too long. I am also saving up some cash for the rigging and roller furler that I want to get this winter so I haven't been totally ignoring my boat's needs either.

A real nor'easter is coming this weekend and I hope my boat cover is up to it. I was late, and I did a quick job, and I didn't have the stanchions to anchor the framework to so it is relying more on the tarps to hold the whole thing together. I also built the whole structure lower this winter as I have about given up getting much done in the cold months. Fighting the weather takes too much out of my boat funding to be of any great value. Better to save up for an aggressive spring schedule instead.

What I really need, and something I am looking into now, is a bit of land to call home and where I could build a permanent roof to park the boat under. Building a cover every year is becoming a drag.

In addition to general catch-up, I might just use some of my free time to loft up a set of plans I have been looking over. Maybe build a few frames or a stem while I wait for the warm weather to come back... Nothing big. A 12 foot semi-dory. I have a motor I bought for another boat that didn't make it and it is a shame to see the new motor sit on the rack instead of being used. My great grandfather's aluminum boat does the job but it is nothing special to look at and I really enjoyed building my small dinghy a few years ago and want to try it again. Maybe I can make two and sell one. Of course eveyrone knows you can't make money with boats.