Sunday, May 25, 2008

Nope. Check back tomorrow.

On a good note I hit my point of 'Good enough' today. It seemed everything I was doing was starting to cause or highlight other problems. Filling in a low spot highlights two slightly less lowspots right next to it. I made use of the long board but it seemed to be doing as much damage as help. The paper is supposedly 120 grit, just like the rest of the paper I have used on the hull to this point, but the longboard was leaving deep scratches. The point was to make sure the areas I filled in weren't too high and identify areas that didn't blend well with the surrounding hull. The board did the job but then was causing more problems. At this point anything I do on the hull is like playing whack-a-mole. Take out one problem and two immediately jump up.


I declare the hull fairing done.

Now that would normally mean I would apply the final primer. Unfortunately one of the joys of working out of a boatyard is that I have to manage my jobs around other boat owners. Today, the neighbor next to me was sanding his bottom. Tomorrow, another neighber wants to hose down his boat and do some final cleaning before launching. I am going to have to work around these issues. I was tempted today to just open a can of the Awl-Grip primer and let the toxic smells clear everyone out. It would have worked but it wouldn't have made any friends and I was feeling that I have probably been on this ice with all the dust I have been generating anyway.

The washing highlighted my bottom that I sweated over for nearly a month 3 years go in the middle of the summer and greenhead (big biting flies) season. There used to be a super heavy flaking mess of 40 years worth of bottom paint below the waterline. The black tends to hide my efforts but the wash reminded me of my nice bottom...


Maybe tomrrow. Maybe the day after. Very soon.

Thanks for stopping by :-)


Tim said...

After seeing your wet, shiny hull, it has me thinking that maybe you ought to just apply a coat of clear Awlgrip over the hull as is.

Now THAT would be a unique look for you, something no one else has.

britton said...

Might be good for duck hunting :-)

brushfiremedia said...

It's the day after tomorrow...

britton said...

Two boats were being washed 6 feet away from me.

And the girlfriend's dog which I became responsible for this weekend (payback for the museum?) was impossible to deal with at the boatyard. If I stepped inches away from her leash radius she would start yelping and screaching like I was cutting a hind leg off.

Not good work conditions.

Today is thundershowers between 1 and 5. Tomorrow is a job interview (might sneak part of it in though). The rest of the week is wide open with good weather predicted.

Next time I will buy a piece of land or at least lease something before I start a major project. Driving to the boatyard, dealing with weather, driving back for forgotten tools, and putting up with other boat people makes the project take 2-3 times as long as it should. Another lesson learned.

Tomorrow is still tomorrow. Not today.


brushfiremedia said...

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, creeps in its petty pace from day to day....

Tim said...

It's always easy to find reasons why the work can't be done, isn't it.

Now actually getting it done, that's a bit harder and :<)

(Just giving you a hard time, as usual! It's become a sport.)