Sunday, January 23, 2011

More snow

More snow fell on Friday.

Between the snow and the cold it was another weekend of inside work. I was able to finish up the edge banding on the settee back cutouts.

Then I glued down the blocks that the door latches will mount to.

And I glued down edges to the two side opening doors on the aft ends of the settee backs. On one of the cutouts there was a miss cut that needed to be covered up.

And then because the basement shop temperatures were in the low fifties the epoxy was going to take a long time to cure so I had to stop at that point.

More snow expected Wednesday so hopefully I will get the doors mounted on the setttee back panels and the panels will then be ready to install next weekend.

Not much to add. Progress is progress.


Heather said...

I know you are going to roll your eyes at me and I would hate the snow after how much you've gotten hit with ... but that first snow photo at the top, makes me really want to be there to take photos lol

Britton said...

I have to admit, the moment between when I leave the house and before I pick up a shovel is kinda nice. It is very pretty. After a few hours of shoveling?.. not so much. Worrying about the roof collapsing?... definitely not. One of these days I will hit the light just right and be able to put up a real photo.