Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Det Snør...

Det snør Det snør, ti-del-li-bom!

(Winnie the Pooh singing about snow in Norwegian)

That is the song that constantly runs through my head these days. Some people get Metalica stuck in their head. I get Pooh.

The boat itself is fine and the structure sheds snow like a champ.

The problem has been getting to the boat.

I have spent three of the past ten days shoveling. The weather did warm enough to make my basement shop habitable for a day. So I did a little work on the settee backs. To make the edges of the plywood look a little better I bought some adhesive backed cherry banding.

$36 for 250 feet. I had never used the banding before and it took a little getting used to. Once I got going though it was pretty simple. First step was to clean up the cuts I had made when I cut out the panels. The intention when I made the cutouts had not been to re-use the panels and I had anticipated some framing aournd the edges so the cuts needed some touch up. Then, using a normal clothes iron I just ran the iron along the banding to melt the adhesive and bond the banding to the plywood edge.

Using a sharp chisel I sliced down the extra width of the banding to match the panel. This was the trickiest part of the operation. The key is sharpening the chisel often. That and covering most of the settee back with cushions once it is installed...

I was surprised at how long it took to do one panel, a good part of the day, but it does look nicer now. I still have some work to do to fine tune the joinery but an improvement over raw plywood edges I think.

Now I have to go shovel again...

I still need to do some touch up around the corners and such.

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