Sunday, January 2, 2011

Good and not so good

I had one good day. And one not so good day. Sometimes the key is knowing when to quit while you are still ahead.

I started off by cutting a new piece for the engine box cover. I just wasn't happy with the fit with the first one. I am still going to have to bring the lower step out a few inches.

Then I fit the panels that go below the settees into place. They needed some fitting to mesh with the engine box.

Then I cut and fit the hull insulation that goes outside of the settees.

The fumes from the contact cememt inside of a closed up boat were too much and so that is where I ended the good day.

So, the next day I was expecting some great progress to report. Instead, the lack of sleep from the recent holiday weekend caught up to me and everything I did introduced a bit of error into the project. I either scuffed the woodwork with my dirty shoes or dripped glue where it should not have been or installed a part forgetting that I hadn't finished something behind it, or the adhesive was a bit old and starting to harden up, or I just plain ran out of adhesive...

I got something done but I introduced small errors that will have to be dealt with at another time.

Anyway. The lower settee panels are in place. I am going to have to re-fit them a bit but they are in place.

I decided to quit before I did more damage or did something really stupid. The panels behind the settees will have to wait for another weekend.

Two steps forward and one step back.

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