Sunday, September 21, 2008

Paint = Done

Someone took my boat and I can't find it anywhere.

In its place is this other beautiful boat. I am finding it hard to get around the idea that this 'new' boat is mine also. It just looks so different and suddenly I am tip toeing around not wanting to leave a fingerprint anywhere.

Curiously, the topcoat was much darker when I returned. Something about the curing process continued to darken the color and I am just fine with that. My first impressions immediately after painting were of a little concern in regards to how light the color was. I was hoping for an almost black but not quite kind of look and right after painting the boat was clearly purple.

After a week of curing it is mostly black-ish with a hint of something else. With the sun low on the horizon I expect to show off the purple but I am okay with that; as long as the boat doesn't scream 'purple people eater' all day long.

What I find quite strange is that inside, when the sunlight through a window strikes the hull it still shows very purple. Outside it doesn't; just through the window. Its an interesting color and I like it. Definitely not like every other boat in the yard.

The non-skid is complete but I forgot to take a decent photo of the finished product. Sorry. I will try to get something next week.

The deadlights and opening ports are in. The opening ports in the head/hanging locker area are only in temporarily as the removal of the headliner there (actually the falling out of the headliner) left a gap that needs to be filled in before the ports will seal tightly. Suddenly the interior feels much smaller when I can't just reach through the holes to the deck or feel the afternoon breeze through the cabin. Putting the glass in definitely makes the boat look more 'complete' though.

Everything I wanted to do at the 'paint shop' is done now but in talking with the shop owner we both came to the conclusion that 1.) the toerail would be much easier to fabricate and install in the heated inside shop space and 2.) There was an open bay at the shop for another week that was going unused and 3.) It sure would be nice to get that toerail up quickly and make the boat look more 'finished' on the outside at least. So, I am shopping for teak tomorrow and will plan on installing it this week. At that point my resources will be tapped out (actually they are now, thank you VISA card...) but at least the 'heavy stuff' will be basically done and what will be left is a thousand small 'one day' projects before the boat is ready for launch.

It has been a productive summer being unemployed and working on the boat every day but I am fast running out of financial resources and I desperately need some income. Anyone got a boat bottom that needs sanding? I work cheap...

It has been an expensive summer but happily, I have a fabulous looking boat to show for it. Not a bad trade in my opinion. No regrets at all.

I will be back next week and the boat will be home the week after or so.

I hope everyone is out there enjoying the last of the good sailing weather. Next spring it will be my turn!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, she looks great Britton! I can't wait to see her on the water next year.

Tim M.