Sunday, September 21, 2008

Blog changes

Just a quick note to mention that I have added a 'subscriptions' gadget at the top of the right hand panel. With it, readers will receive notifications when a new post is put up rather than having to check in every five minutes... (yeah right)

There is also a new gadget at the the bottom of that sidebar list to add your name to the list of readers. I like talking to myself but I might also be curious to see who is actually listening. If you feel like being annonymous don't worry, you can 'sign in' annonymously. In any case, I will continue to blog even if there is no one on the list. Like I said, I like talking to myself. That way I never have to worry about being interupted or asked awkward questions. Well, that isn't quite true but let's leave it at that.

1 comment:

Ariel, CD 36 said...

Call me a devotee. Breakfast and coffee just wouldn't be the same without (in no particular order): Plastic Classic Forum, #680, Lackeysailing, and a couple others. I appreciate the diversion.