Monday, September 1, 2008

Good as it is going to get

I really wanted the overhead liner to be finished so I could install the windows and ports as soon as the exterior is painted. So today, I sat down with some paint and thinner, and penetrol and 2 different kinds of rollers and a nice natural bristle brush and decided to experiment until I figured out how to correctly roll and tip.

I failed.

Working under the galley area where no one will ever really look I rolled a short section with a 3/8" mohair roller and then tipped with the dry brush and waited. The brush marks never went away. So I mixed in some more thinner and tried again. Slightly better but not good enough. So I did it again. Same result. I mixed in some more thinner. Same result. I tried my foam roller and tipped. Getting slightly better each time but brush marks every time. So I mixed in a little more thinner, and now I start seeing orange peel. I tried tipping it and it looked like orange peel brush marks.

So I went back to what I knew which was the foam roller and no tipping. I mixed in a fresh can to reduce the percentage of thinner and painted the overhead, starting with the undersides and working my way up to the sides and visible overhead. Its okay. Orange peely. I will get used to it or I will put some automotive headliner material up there some day. It is as good as it is going to get.

I am just not a very good painter.

Wednesday is the day for transporting the boat up to the paint shop so tomorrow is the day for me to prep the boat for moving. I need to clean it out of everything I don't need and put the stuff that does need to go up (like the paint) into the boat so I don't forget it. (that would be embarrassing)

The only other thing that has been happening is that I have been working on a real website. I am a little bothered about Google having all the rights to everything I blog and post so I was thinking of my own real website. I will continue the blog. Its the best way to post the day to day activities. I can also rant about silly stuff and a month later no one will remember it. The website, as I envision it, will be more of a permanent record of what has been done. It will be an easier way to navigate around to see what I did on the various parts of the boat. Going back through these blogs to find the same thing sounds like a nightmare to me. Maybe I am fooling myself to think that someone would want to know what I did but I have enjoyed and benefited from the websites of other boat projects and I wanted to contribute my own efforts. Plus, it is rather fun.

I have never coded in HTML before so there is a bit of a learning curve but my plans are modest and what I have so far suits me fine. When I find a host I will announce it on this blog. Probably not for a couple of weeks yet. The blog will continue throughout the project.

And that's it for today.


ariel414 said...
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ariel414 said...

That's the same reason I quit updating my Blog. I figured a website that was organized into Projects, etc. would make it more useful to anyone who should happen across it. I've been wanting to do a "proper" a webpage myself, but it just hasn't bubbled up to the top of my priority list yet...

BTW, there are a number of programs out there that will generate a website for you. Then you can update an edit as you please, and learn as much or as little about it as you please.

PS. Hey! Are you Tim's Triton hull and deck paint job for September?

Britton said...

Yep, that would be my boat. I will be sure to allow him to post whatever he wants about the project on his own site. If I like what he says I might even provide a link :-)