Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Big Ports

Cutting out the polycarbonate (Lexan) for the large deadlight ports turned out to be quite easy.

Using my jigsaw (technically saber saw I know) with a fine blade I had no problems cutting out the new lexan to match the old ports. I was concerned about heat and melting but it was never an issue. I kept the saw blade moving quickly and I pushed the saw lightly and it cut fine. 'Just like wood'.

I tried using my aggressive hand file (the name escapes me now) to fine tune the fit but the file made slow work of it. My belt sander with 60 grit did a much better job. Again, 'just like wood'. A real bench sander would have been nice but the motor is burned out a the moment. (I got it for free with the burned out motor three years ago. I took the motor out earlier this year so that means I must be making progress!)

The truck is packed with supplies and tools I might need so I just have to get myself ready and I am out of here. I should be back at the end of the week with more progress to report. The same link I posted earlier is still being used to post updates by the shop and will continue to be used until the job in the shop is 'done'.

See you next week!

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