Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Devil in the details

They were still working on that boat next door (why are boatyard mechanics so S.L.O.W....) I also wasn't too excited about the weather so I put off priming. There is still plenty of other things to do.

The devil is in the details.

This little edge that goes around the outside of my deck has proven to be too much fun. Naturally, it has to be hand sanded. This burns though a lot of paper fast and in fact actually burns your fingertips if you work for more than 4-5 seconds at a time. Note to self: Next time I won't be sloppy and just goop the primer in there thinking it will self level. It didn't and the primer was uneven. The high spots plugged up the sandpaper quickly and working the high spot aggresively usually made me cut into the adjacent low spot. Cutting the drips with a sharp chisel helped. Next time I will prime more carefully. I was using a brush in the corner and the brush was putting it on a bit thick. I might have done better with practice but this little lip was the last thing I primed after covering everything else with a roller. Next time I will be more careful. Because there is an awful lot of this little lip to hand sand...

All the nooks and crannies are done. Now I just need a good cleaning and some decent weather. I am hoping the quart of white primer I have left is going to be enough. I am going broke over paint supplies.

This is a week's worth of sandpaper. All good high quality and expensive stuff.


brushfiremedia said...

Alright, dude. Updates. I shouldn't have to wait until Thursday...

Don't forget the donuts this time, btw, will ya?

britton said...

No updates because there was no work done unfortunately.

Rain, wind, or hot/humid every day. I have a mother with a broken shoulder which means I am doing some additioal driving around. I also have been doing some boatwork for hire (which I am not sure I really like - other people's boats are a mess) $50 an hour cash though.

Some days all I can do is try.

I did buy some plywood for closing up the rear of the cabin - behind the galley. I also made an 'A' frame and short ridgepost to go over my cockpit because the rain showers were filling up my brand new tarp in the cockpit well and threatening to rip it.

For the immediate future ...I haven't seen the girlfriend in over a week because her mother has been visiting, I need to schedule some time there soon or face the consequences. I have a sailing trip planned for thursday. I want to go to the woodenboat show in Mystic this year which scrubs the weekend. And to top it off I will still have an incapacitated mother next week. Its never simple.

The immediate plans are to get more primer on the deck and hull whenever possible, otherwise to do some saloon and galley interior work and get those areas ready for the final cosmetic panels.

Hang in there. It is coming.