Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Beautiful, clear, sunny day. Temperature in the 70,s. No wind. Low humidity. Perfect priming conditions.

Today, the yard crew has belatedly decided to start de-winterizing a boat six feet away from mine. Just when I thought that boat was going to sit idle for the summer. I just can't don my respirator, crack open a can of toxic Awl-Grip and gas the guys out. Out of everyone in the yard, the yard boys are not the ones to piss off.

I will try again tomorrow.

Once again, the lesson is: Major boat projects need enclosed shelters, preferably within walking distance of the tool and supply sheds. Any other way means to wait and delay an awful lot.

I vented my frustrations on the starboard side shelf in the saloon. I had decided it had to go last fall. The port shelf had been removed early in the 'redesign' process a few years ago. Today was the perfect day to wack it with a big hammer until it broke lose (Along with my cheap wood chisel that I use for cutting through tabbing). I think it was laying on my back on the settee and kicking it that finally knocked it free. While I was at it, I cut back the tabbed in piece that formed the starboard front of the galley counter. I figured there was no point in limiting my future design options by working around it. I feel slightly better now.

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