Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Cooler. and windy. Tomorrow I will get up extra early before the wind wakes up. I promise.

Once upon a time this boat actually sailed.

No, the hull never looked that good. It is just the lighting.


By the way, I keep meaning to mention it. These foam sanding blocks are the best thing ever for hours (and hours and hours) of hand sanding. Buy a roll of matching adhesive paper and you are all set for weeks of fun. Jamestown distributors has them. I am sure other places have them too.

The grip is comfortable. When your hand cramps you can reverse your grip on the handle and it is equally comfortable the other way and uses different muscles so the cramping muscles can rest while you continue sanding. The foam material is tough yet flexible and works itself around corners helping you to keep from burning through on the edges. Highly recomended.

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