Sunday, March 25, 2012

Gloomy weather

The summer-in-spring weather went away this weekend and cool rainy weather ruled the weekend which kept me indoors.

On Saturday, all the countertops had their undersides coated in epoxy. With random bits and pieces scattered all over my basement there really wasn't any where else to work so I had to call it a day at that point.

Sunday, I started by glueing up the storage box that will fit outboard of the sink.

Then, I cut and fit the pieces for the top step. I needed to use the sander to continue on to final installation and with my 'sanding station' a few feet from my furnace air inlet, I decided to stop at that point. It's no fun filling my whole house with sanding dust via the forced air heating system.

So then I glued the front lip onto the center section of the countertop. The lip will lock the front engine cover panel in place and keep it from pitching forward when clumsy people jump on it.

and that's it.

I hope to seal the rest of the drop box in epoxy and when I can work outside I will do the final sanding on the step pieces and install them.

With luck I might even install some of the countertops more or less permanently. Sounds hopelessly optimistic given my track record right?...

Bis spaeter, Freunde

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