Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bit by bit...

The week ended with some pretty sucky personal stuff which limited activity on the boat. The visual progress was good however.

There is some final fitting to be done and details to work out. The storage area around the sink is the biggest thing on the list at the moment. Behind the sink will be a cherry face with cutouts for the dishes. There is the drop down storage bin outboard of the sink with a shelf overhead. And then there is the question about what to do with the aft starboard corner. Not sure what to do there yet. I think once I get started with the other bits it will make more sense.

Back over on the port side, I need to figure out a stove that will fit along the front edge of the counter top and cut a lid into the storage bin below. Along the outboard edge I also want to put in a low storage box for navigation tools. I have been using that part of the counter for a navigation station for years and it was my plan to keep it for that purpose. Making the decision to put a stove top there might put a wrinkle in those plans but I think it will still work out okay. I will probably mount the stove below the level of the countertop and make a hinged section of countertop that will cover the stove when it is not in use. I forgot about the countertop also being the top of a storage bin on the aft port end of the settee. I will have to figure out how to cover that or make it an open bin. Perhaps a piece of tile so I have a place to put a hot pot to cool?... I have time to figure that out.

Oh. I also made a decision this week that I have been postponing for awhile. I took a good hard look at my finances and I have decided that putting the boat in the water this season is going to hurt too much. I could do it but it would be painful and I definitely wouldn't have the funds to continue working on the boat. I will miss sailing this year but I am excited to see the galley coming along and I think I can tie a lot of interior projects together this summer and have a real cruising boat for the 2013 season.

So I am both sad and happy to have that decision behind me. Now I can focus on what I CAN do this year and what I can do should be fun. More coming soon...

Ikke noe mer idag. Had det godt venner! :-)

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mgtdOcean said...

Nice looking counters! Thanks for this blog.