Sunday, March 18, 2012

Countertop Tuneup

Well, Saturday turned out to be a bust but I managed to get three quarters of a productive day Sunday before I ran out of gas.

First. This is why I need a table saw. Ripping with a skilsaw is an annoying operation.

Yes, bitching comes naturally to me. Its in my genetics I think.

So, the day started with me looking over the countertop and fussing with it so that everything fits the way I wanted it to. Then I started working on the step layout since the absence of a top step is another of my greater annoyances with the boat project.

I have a hard to visualizing things in 3d so the carboard cut to the outside dimensions made it all clear. So clear in fact that I realized all my ideas for a top step were not going to work. In my head I had a step that sat on the center section and was hinged to flip down with the bottom extending the counter top equal to the side pieces. In reality this was not going to work. I tried a few different ideas including a step that was hinged on the side by the sink but in the end I went with a simpler design.

I think I am going to run the side pieces all the way back to the aft bulkhead so that they act as dividers for eventual storage under the bridge deck. Or if I change my mind I will cut them shorter. For now, the end pieces will be secured to the center section. I debated about putting a piece along the back of the step but decided to leave it open. I may close it up later.

I took some measurements for the front panel of the dish storage area.

and then turned my attention to the drop storage bin.

I cut out templates for the end pieces of the storage bin. Cutting and fitting scrap plywood is way easier in my mind than cutting the final product from measurements. My first thought was to use some okoume plywood and paint the inside of the bin. Later, I realized that I have some leftover cherry plywood from the interior paneling so I might use that instead. I don't expect it to be very visible and I am not sure whether nice varnished cherry, or clean white paint is the best option at the moment.

Then I cut out the lid for the storage bin under the port side countertop. I wish now I had set up the bandsaw to make those cuts. The kerf from the skilsaw is a bit overly big. I guess I won't have to worry about the wood swelling and making the lid difficult to remove.

Funny, in my mind that lid had a bigger opening. I could have extended it further under the bridgedeck but since its awkward getting my hands any further aft I left it at that. Or maybe I could have made the forward cut wider but that would cut into the front supporting lip. I guess it doesn't matter. I made the cuts.

So that was about it. I hope to do some glueing during the week and seal the undersides of the countertops with epoxy. I should do the final fitting of the drop storage bin and top step next weekend. The temperatures have made a drastic change in the past week and it should be warm enough to start with the varnishing too. I probably better get started on that before it gets TOO hot for varnish. Sometimes I feel like goldilocks. Its either too cold or too hot; rarely just right. Okay, I am bitching again...



Anonymous said...

Chatting with Nathan last weekend, it occurred to me that I hadn't checked this blog in a long while.
She's looking GOOD.

Can't wait for the daysail!


brushfiremedia said...

Does it make you nervous that Mike and I were kibitzing about you?

Those counters are sweeeeeeet, btw!

Britton said...

The only thing worse than being talked about... is not being talked about ;-)