Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rain, rain, go away...

Rainy days has been the story for the past two weekends.

Last weekend it rained hard all day Saturday which meant no work at the boat. The following Sunday the sun came out but unfortunately the light only illuminated the lake under the boat. There was no way I was going to lay in the water to continue the hull patching. Instead, I made a run to Home Despot for some fir beadboard and cut out a pair of panels for the head area.

The fir is notorious for needing lots and lots of priming because of how the grain soaks up the paint. As a matter of fact, the stuff is pretty bad but its what I started with and I don't want to change right now. I did try to find some nicer quality birch beadboard but my two suppliers don't carry it any more. I have a bunch of the fir in place already and don't really want the mismatch of two different types anyway. I wouldn't jump at the chance to do it the same way again next time. Live and learn.

The beadboard looks okay in a rustic sort of fashion after lots of priming and painting so when I looked out the window yesterday and saw all the rain falling I decided to continue along that vein. More primer and finally some paint. I also put a few more coats of urethane on the shelf that goes inside the head locker too.

But wait! That's not all! In addition, I managed to build a step into the front panel of the engine cover. I was happy with the original step but I wanted to reduce the number of parts strewn about the cabin when gaining access to the engine. Building the step into the panel seemed like a logical direction to go in. The plan was to simply copy the original geometry but I noticed just as I was taking the picture that I must have measured something a bit wrong. The new step is an inch higher. I will have to try and rectify that this week.

Today was the first day (that wasn't a time clock punching sort of day) with some real sunshine and I managed to drag out the panels for some more painting in the sun before my obligations to celebrate the return of the Great Bunny. (Easter...)

Hopefully, next week I can get back on track with some real stuff. Launch time keeps getting closer...

Speaking of launch time. Did I mention the mooring rental is paid for? It is. Along with the required insurance. Plus, I am averaging about $250 a week in basic parts and hardware. Its funny, I knew when I launched the boat two years ago after so much work being done that it was going to be expensive with all the last minute things that needed to happen to make the boat seaworthy. Silly me thought that would be a one time deal. Now I am starting to wonder if my wallet will continue to hemorrhage every spring just before launch day. Hmmm....

Anyway, hoping for better weather in the coming weeks.

Had det bra saa lenge ;-)

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