Monday, May 9, 2011


I had every intention of posting to the blog last weekend but it was late, I was tired and I figured, 'Monday' would be close enough. But Monday was busy and Tuesday... blah. Anyway, the usual painfully slow progress but progress nonetheless.

Let's see. I am sure there was some reason why more didn't get done last weekend - probably weather related. Cold, wet, windy, take your pick. I did 'fix' my companionway step by shortening it. Now I will need to make some nice trim along the top edge to hide the fact that the panel is now too short.

I sanded the keel where the repairs had been made a layer of fairing filler had been applied. I expected to have to add another coat and I did. I had a picture but I wasn't paying attention and the image is too dark to be useful.

Oh, I glued and screwed the panels that go on either side of the head area. It made a huge difference and I like the look. Thank God for trim that will someday cover up my poor pattern making. I also installed the shelf in the head locker. I could have installed the back panel with the door but I forgot the hose clamps and it is much easier to install them before the panel goes on. Its doable either way but why make it harder than it has to be?

So this weekend, the sun was shining and I was itching to make the boat more launch ready. Interior panels are nice and all but I only have a few weekends left before the launch and there are more pressing things to do. So I started taking down the cover by cutting the strings on one side and letting the wind blow the tarp over to the other side. Then I started removing the frames. And then the heavy thunderstorms started. I removed some frames, ran inside the boat for cover, came out 20 minutes later and removed some more frames, ran inside for cover (found a few cabin leaks) removed some more frames. Eventually the job got done.

Today was a little drier if cooler. I finally finally finally, finished securing the deck hardware to the deck. The bow pulpit was the last remaining piece. Normally, I ask a friend to help hold the nuts while I turn the screws or vice versa. A friend of mine suggested getting a few more vice grips and doing it myself. Spending all that money one three more vice grips seemed kinda silly until I realized that after receiving help from a friend I was usually obligated to buy them lunch. Turns out the vice grips are cheaper. It actually worked pretty good too. Once again, I should have done it a long time ago.

And then, I sanded the hull one more time. There are a few spots that are still slightly low. I shouldn't worry about it, it is on the bottom after all and I am bound to whack something again sooner or later. On the other hand, the last time I made repairs down there I was .. shall we say... less experienced and the fairing job left something to be desired. I applied another coat of fairing filler to bring the work up to my current standards. No doubt in a few years I will be doing it again.

So here finally is the boat uncovered for the first time this spring. Its a lousy picture but in the middle of the day with the bright sun its about the best I can do. Jenny really prefers early and late day lighting. Mid day lightly is just too harsh.

The pressure of launch day is really starting to kick in and the list of things to do just keeps on growing. I am not sure why that is actually. The boat was in the water just two years ago and I haven't done anything to make the boat less seaworthy. The real difference is that at launch the boat will immediately be going 30 miles away and I will be raising sails for the first time in five years. I guess that is the part that has me worried. Its the stuff that I have forgotten about that I will remember as the boat goes splash that has me worried. Oh well, that's what motors are for.

I am a little envious of my friend that told me last week that he returned to his Triton after not seeing it all winter and within a day had her in the water. Someday that will be me. Just not this year.

To add to the pressure, next weekend I won't be around for boat work. Its something I have to do to make more boatwork happen though so its all in the name of progress. Just a couple more weekends now...

P.S. Blogger had a problem with the new IE9.0 and wouldn't accept this post for a few days. Its not ALWAYS me just being lazy... :-P

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Heather said...

I loved your comment about lighting. Made me smile :)