Sunday, October 23, 2016

Not Dead

I am not dead and the Jenny did not sink.

This spring, my girlfriend and I bought an old house with enough land to bring Jenny home which is where all the tools and materials are.  The logistics were becoming increasingly difficult as the project focus changed from basic fiberglass and rough structural work to the finish details.  When I went to the boatyard to work on the hull all my tools fit in one bag.  As the project progressed this was no longer the case.

The old house needs tons of work and will be a decade or two project.  Come to think of it, the boat has become a decade project too hmmm...  Anyway...  The house had some priority work that needed to be done and then there is all the settling in and stuff and Jenny just had to wait.  Now I have to schedule fixing the house, building a workshop and getting back to work on the boat.  I really need to quit my day job...

I left off with the seacock replacement project.  The head and sink are complete.  The raw water intake for the engine will need some modifications because the replacement hardware is a bit larger than the original.  The cockpit drains will need a lot of rework for the same problem.

Today, I started a list and spent some time remembering where I left off.


Andrew Van Dyk said...

Glad to hear Jenny's repairs are still on the docket and congratulations on the new house. No doubt the new shop will speed your work towards the water once it's all set and ready for you.

I'm following a similar path as you (see here - ).

I almost wrote "No matter how long it takes, it will be worth it". And in one sense, I agree. In another sense, life goes by sooo quickly! So, pick your battles and try to spend as much of your life in the "I really want to be doing what I'm doing right now" zone as possible. At least, that's my advice at this very moment :)

Best of luck and keep it up!

Britton said...

I 100% agree and thank you :)