Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pump it up

Last weekend was a bust but this weekend I managed to get to the boatyard for a few hours.

Firstly, I spent some time cleaning up leaves that had accumulated on deck over the past month or so.  The last time I was working on the boat was all about getting her covered before the hurricane.  I didn't take the time to clean her first.  I fixed that.

Then on to more interesting thing; like water pumps for the galley.

The tools of the week that I forgot to bring were some nice sharp wood chisels.  I had a rough chisel that I don't care about for bashing old fiberglass and whatever and that is all I had to make the slots for the pump arm.  I used the dull chisel long enough to make sure the pump was going to work .  The second pump will be mounted opposite the one here.  I started making the slot but didn't finish it.

This is ugly I know, I didn't clean the locker before I started and it had some old... stuff... that needs to be cleaned and probably over painted.  This is looking down through the settee locker lid.  There is just enough room at the aft end (top of photo) to connect the supply and output hoses through the bulkhead/panel that separates the under areas between the galley and settee.

The sink drain was easy.  I had a seacock underneath the sink area that I used for the engine raw water intake for my first sailing season.  I picked up a lot of crud from that location (had to clean out the strainer every few hours) so I moved the engine raw water intake lower down and on the other side of the keel.  This left an unused seacock right under the sink so I put it to good use.  I just needed to change the tail fitting from an angled one to a straight one.  Yeah, that little hole has accumulated a lot of grinding dust and gunk.  Add it to my cleaning list...

I decided to try taking my raw water for the galley off of the engine raw water supply.  Other people I know have done this with no regrets and it looked to be the easiest solution.   I don't expect to need raw water in the galley any time I am running the engine so I think I am okay. If not I will make my 'service' area even more cluttered with another seacock later.

Here is how the area looked before I started.  Yes. Messy.  Anyone noticing a trend here?...

There is the engine raw water strainer on the left (red antifreeze liquid inside the clear strainer). The engine fuel filter is on the forward edge (bottom of photo) with the electric fuel pump right next to it.  Coolant overflow tank is on the right side of the photo.  The hoses... never mind.. it is getting crowded there...

So my first idea was to move the raw water strainer to the forward end of the area opening up that whole side (left on the photo).

Nope.  Clearly that wasn't going to work.  The strainer takes more space than I thought.

Instead I shifted the strainer forward leaving room for the 'T' fitting that splits the supply between the engine raw water pump and the raw water galley pump.  Those hoses in the photo are just to help line things up.  The original hoses were frozen on so I cut them off.  New hose is always a good idea anyway.  They are cheap enough.  The input hose to the strainer was too short and will be replaced too.

Because I had to change plans on the raw water system I didn't have enough fittings to complete the fresh water supply.  Truthfully, I had a bone head moment and ordered a normal 'T' fitting to combine the two fresh water tanks rather than a proper valve so I can select between the two.  I ordered the valve and the extra fittings I need to finish the project.  The hoses are standing by waiting for final cutting and fitting into position.

I didn't bring the right sized drill for the galley faucets so I didn't install them either.  Just basic telescoping faucets for now.

Believe it or not I also did some general clean up inside and that is where I left off for today.  Hopefully, a working water system next weekend.  Oh... maybe not.... I just remembered that I want to put a filtration system into the freshwater side and I haven't even looked into that yet.  Those nice new custom made water tanks have been sitting in the boat for ... maybe four years now(!?) and I am sure a lot of dust has managed to get inside them.  I can use the access panels to clean them but I am willing to bet there will be a lot of gunk to filter out for the first few tank fills.  I want the filtration system for that and for those dodgy water supplies one occasionally stumbles across while out cruising.

And that is it.  I have a lot of loose ends on the galley at the moment and hopefully I will be tightening it all up soon.

Spring cruising season is coming soon. Realistically what?.. ten weekends maybe?  What with holidays, bad weather, family plans, taking half the winter away from production.? I should hire myself a whip cracker...

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