Wednesday, October 31, 2012

'nick of time

Hurricane Sandy just flew past and Jenny was put to bed just in the nick of time.

The tarp was tied down just as the rains started.  We had some strong winds but the cover survived just fine.  This new boatyard is a 'normal' yard where the boats are absolutely crammed in. I miss my old yard already.

Boats are buried three rows deep and they are still coming in.  Good thing for me I am not looking for an early launch as I am back in the first row against the outer fence.  Too many generic looking power boats around Jenny for my liking to.  Oh well. It is only for this season.

This month has been mostly about working on other-peoples-boats.  There was a natural convergence of my recent change of status to 'unemployed'  and the needs of a few friends of mine hustling to get work done on their boats before they headed south for the winter.  I guess it was a good thing but Jenny was neglected this month.

Now with my friends safely along their way I shouldn't have many distractions until I find other gainful employment again.

I did manage to get the stove cabinet finished and ready for varnish.  Waiting for varnishing weather or a place to varnish in an indoor environment is holding that project up.The final panels that go  behind the galley countertop are cut and ready for varnish as well.

The boat cover is pretty much the same as what I had last year.  A pair of tripods to support a ridgepole.  Two side braces at the front edge of the cockpit and slats every three feet to keep the tarp from sagging too much. I assembled the same frame around the bottom to tie the tarp down with.  It is a little tight for working inside but it was quick and easy and works.  It passed the hurricane Sandy test just fine.

I have a box full of plumbing fittings for the sink and fresh water systems so I think that will be my next focus.  I also need to figure out how to mount my propane tanks.  I am thinking of hanging them off of the windvane.  I need to check out what sort of clamps and hardware I can find for that. 

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