Sunday, February 12, 2012


The sink has arrived :-)

Now I can start glueing up the starboard galley countertop. I milled up a bit more maple just to make sure I had enough. Funny, I was looking at some old photos of the galley and realized that my idea for the starboard galley counter is pretty close to Pearson's idea as well. After making countless changes I have come back to a layout that is very similar to the original. Oh well, at least I really understand why Pearson made the choices they did now. My galley will be nicer to look at of course.

I also started another extremely important project; the head privacy curtain. I purchased the materials (the green stuff at the left of the photo) and now I just need to find a willing soul with a sewing machine... This project moved up the priority list after a summer on the mooring taking friends out for the day on the boat. Nothing spoils a good friendship like seeing your friend on the can. The privacy curtain should make that aspect of small boats a lot nicer. It really should have been done sooner.


Anonymous said...

Nice to read an update -- especially after my heart-rate returned to normal (the title/CAPS/exclamation point might have indicated something completely different).

I like the fabric - very up-north woodsy.

Isn't it funny how you can go through a hundred alternate ideas and then settle back on the basic original arrangement? On the one hand, it seems like it should be possible to improve on a set-up that was optimized for an "ideal" family of four. On the other hand.... it seems to just naturally fall back into that arrangement.


Britton said...

heh! I was hoping I would catch someone with that title :-D

The fabric I chose wasn't what I went in looking for but it seemed to be my best option. If I find something better I can always change but I think it really couldn't wait any longer. I like the woodsy theme too. I see plenty of water from the boat so I really don't feel the need to look at more nautical themed decorations.

I used to complain a lot more about how Pearson designed the Triton only to have to eat my words later as I came to understand why they did what they did. My galley plan remains pretty simple but simple is flexible and I like that.