Sunday, March 20, 2011

Incremental Interior

The weather this weekend was nice enough to work around the boat but not warm enough for epoxies or adhesives so I used my precious remaining weekends before the launch to play with the interior some more.

I pulled back the tarp a bit and let Jenny peek outside a bit.

Saturday was full of fits and starts and running back for a missing tool or running to the store for the correct sized hardware. It was raining a bit too so I couldn't bring any wood from the house to the boat and had to make do with what was already on site. It was frustrating and I made little progress but by the end of the day I was finally settling into a pattern that would carry me well on Sunday.

So for Saturday, I managed to permanently secure the settee backs into place which improved the look of the interior a bit. Then I started fitting in the tongue and groove strips to the settee backs. On Sunday I cut and fit cherry plywood panels above the shelves behind the settees. Then I finished the tongue and groove strips on the cosmetic bulkhead and got about half way through the starboard side main bulkhead before I ran out of hardware and construction adhesive simultaneously.

Just as a reminder, the tongue and groove are anchored in place with screws to the plywood bulkhead with a bead of contruction adhesive to help keep the strips in place. Later, I will come back and cover the screw holes with trim or bung them depending on the location.

Snow in the forecast in two days but spring is definitely thinking about moving in. Hopefully next weekend willl be nice enough for some epoxy work so I can play with the hull where I danced through the rock garden on haulout day two years ago and reinforce the underside of the side deck on one side where an earlier repair isn't looking good enough to fully support a jib cleat that mounts on top.

Em tasol wantoks.

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Ooh, looking NICE!