Sunday, December 6, 2009

'tween the holidays

Miniscule progress. I felt better about the lack of progress when I remembered that it has been the same slow going between the holidays every year. There is just too many other demands on my time.

First on the list was shoveling out the driveway and walkway after the first snow of the season.

Things that did get done:

I scaled back some of my cherry tongue and groove paneling plans and was able to buy enough to get me started. The plan is to visit a friend and mill it up next weekend.

I also picked up a few fir 2x4's which make excellent interior framing. I had a need for some thin strips for non-Triton boat projects so I ripped strips off of two 2x4's making a pair of 2x2's. I plan on using these around the galley countertop and engine cover.

Other than turning as much wood into sawdust as usable product my homemade ripping guide worked quite well. The store bought guide didn't adjust in enough to make the 3/16 inch thick strips so I clamped on a longer strip of scrap wood and it held quite well and didn't move. It helped that I have a $120 Forrest saw blade on the saw. Expensive blades but they cut super smooth and easy.

We had some 50mph gusts this week which I found pushed the blunt aft end of the boat structure around a bit. I found six short metal fence stakes at $1.50 a piece that I think will do the trick. They are about 3 feet long overall with 2 feet buried in the ground.

Finally, I pulled the engine battery which completes the winterization for the season. So far the structure is holding up fine (other than a little wandering) and has withstood two storms with 50+ mph winds. The boat is completely dry and airy. My heater, radio and worklights are installed and hopefully I will find some space for some quality time with the boat in the near future.

em tasol wantoks.

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Britton said...

Note from the future: those little garden stakes didn't work. They bent over quite easy and the frame settled into an unusual 'S' shape by mid winter. The frame held together fine but it looked funny and tended to wander around with every windstorm.