Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sitting out the last one

This is the last weekend for the season and I am sitting it out. Rosh Hashana and a mother's birthday won out over a final picnic on the boat. I will make it up with a three day weekend on the boat next week. Haul-out day is Friday so things should get more exciting(if that is ever really the case)here on this blog.

First priorities are: 1.) a winter cover. 2.) installing those long awaited jib sheet tracks and cleats. 3.) a protective cover of varnish on the teak.

Then before it gets cold I hope to install the bamboo cabin sole and install some interior paneling. Once the cold sets in I might work on overhauling the remaining parts of the rigging; paint the mast, get the proper mast hardware installed, hunt for a new boom (and get that painted too) and attend to all the little details that make up a complete rig. Next year, if I find a better mooring and decide to launch, I will definitely have a ready-to-sail boat. No more 'working on the mooring' for me. Once in the water it will be all about the sailing. Not so much fun to read about perhaps but a lot more fun for me. I am selfish like that sometimes.

Until next week then. That's when the real action starts again.

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Tim said...

I'll happily give up reading next year if you're sailing and enjoying and if the boat's "done-er" [sic].

But in return I have high expectations for reading all this fall!