Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holiday Distractions ++

The holidays are my excuse for the week.

That and I am preparing for a new job that starts this week. Jobs are a double edged sword. With more income I can freely shop for the parts and materials I need. With less available time I will have to be more disciplined about getting boat work done in my limited free time.

I recognize that lots of boat projects fail mid-stream due to changing life commitments or the simple realization that the enormous amounts of time are not available. Its a worry for me but I think the worry will be my motivation. The boat is 'close' to being launch ready and I think I am still on target for a spring launch.

Not much was done on the boat this week. I did some shopping for a few small projects. I added some information to the website. The holidays are a bad time to get much done.

When I stopped by the boat today I noticed that my fancy boat cover is moving around. The wind is causing it to shift side-to-side; about a foot from its starting position as of today. I need to stake down the 2x4's that the tarp ties down to. Preferably soon.

Keep the faith.

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