Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blah blah blah...

Working on other people's boats.

Jenny is safely tucked under her tarp and protected from the wet windy and cold weather.

I have hopes of working on the engine electrical box today but just in case I felt I have let the blog go silent for too long.

My thoughts on the electrical box are to re-use the original spice rack which originally housed the entire electrical panel. The real panel is going to be moved elsewhere but I have an expanded engine electrical switch box planned that will use the old location. I figure its inside and out of the weather and yet close to the cockpit so I can start up the engine quickly if I have to. Rather than use a normal key switch, I am going to use separate switches for the different functions of a key switch. Keys break. Keys get lost. Keys seem unnecessary to me so I am doing away with them.

Pictures soon.

Sorry for the lousy post but I figured a crappy post is better than no post.

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