Saturday, October 4, 2008

Time to rest

Time to rest and explore other interests.

To be honest I don't really mind having the boat several hours away. It gives me an excuse NOT to work on it all the time. Or at least it relieves me of my guilt.

With a mind free of my boat's needs, I have been allowed to pursue other interests. One of those interests is website creation. So now I have a website, about my boat naturally, that I think is ready for public viewing.

I am pleased to announce the launch of

While I intend to continue this blog, I think a real website is a better place to keep track of the project. Try searching for past work on this blog and you will see what I mean. I intend to update the new website as the rebuilding process continues and when that process is 'done' (Hah!) I will leave the site as a static description of the work done. I don't intend to document my sailing activities or other such stuff. This blog is good for things like that. I really don't find that stuff very interesting to read anyway.

The website isn't complete by far. That is months and years away. There are still some big gaps in the project descriptions but hopefully there is enough to keep someone's attention for a few minutes. I have tried to dig up information that people might not already know about boat. I am not sure if I have really succeeded with that. Oh well, I tried.

Anyway, there it is. has gone public.


Anonymous said...

What a great looking boat!

First class workmanship - the boat, the web site, and the blog.

I’m getting ready to paint the exterior of my DeFever and I thank you for the tips on using Awlgrip.

Merritt Island, FL.

Britton said...

Thanks :-)

I was just editing and filling in some info about the hull painting this morning. It still seems pretty rough to me but its getting there.

The whole point of the website is to acknowledge what I have learned from other websites by passing it on and adding my own 2 cents in the process. Glad to see it might be working.