Saturday, October 18, 2008

New pictures

Just a couple of pictures of Jenny home from the paint shop. In the direct sun, the hull color was definitely showing some purple but the contrast was too great, apparently, and the camera really didn't pick up on it.

Today, I installed the bungs in the toerails. It was rather cold for varnish and at a friend's suggestion I used shellac to secure the bungs. Shellac, being alcohol based, isn't affected by temperature like varnish. I am assured the old time boat people would frequently use shellac for bungs as well as other sealing functions. I'll say something if it doesn't work out.


ariel said...


What did you guys use for the cove stripe? I'd like to add one to Ariel.

brushfiremedia said...

Is that your original forward hatch, Britton? I guess you might have mentioned it somewhere along the line, but being the lazy bum that I am...

Britton said...

The cove stripe was a simple automotive graphics tape; silver metal flake.

I misplaced the link to the company that sells it. I want to say Beacon graphics but I think someone that reads my blog can correct me. Cost was about $35 for over 100 feet of tape.

Seems to work pretty good. We will see.

No, that isn't the original forward hatch. I had the typical Triton too-ugly-to-live fiberglass 'hatch' cover. The wooden one I have now came from a sailboat in the last yard I was in that was being converted to a power driven fishing boat(?!) Not sure how the conversion worked out but I paid $20 for the hatch. It needs a bit of tweaking to fit better around the hinges but it matches the opening and the deck camber perfectly.

Britton said...

P.S. the cover 'tape' was dead easy to apply. I ran a 2 inch wide strip of tape along the bottom edge of the rubrail and then laid the cove tape along the bottom edge of the 2 inch tape. Simple and looks great.

Just so I am not accused of being a thief I must add that I saw the tape on Bolero,, and knew I just had to have it. Bill gets the credit for that one. I just copied his good idea.

Britton said...

correction: "Cove tape" not "cover tape" in the previous response.

Ariel, CD 36 said...

"Vuury nahice!" Ariel's topsides look so white and blah. I think the cove stripe is just the thing.

Bill said...


As much as I would love to take credit for the cove stripe on Bolero, as usual, the credit belongs to Tim (I hope all this praise doesn't go to his head).

For some reason I thought he was going to paint the cove stripe on until one day it was just there.

Cheers, Bill

I do like it.