Monday, August 25, 2008


Just some pictures today of last week's work. We have a bit of rain coming through but the rest of the week is looking okay. Now I really need to sit down and see what needs to happen to get the boat ready to move. Funny to think that I was hoping to send the boat to the paint shop in May.

This is the only good hull picture. The rest were taken in the middle of the day and the contrast was a bit much. Silly me. I am a sucker for the wet shiny hull look.

A second coat of paint on the lower portions and the fourth coat on the overhead. I am still not thrilled with the overhead. I am getting concerned that my abilities and talents are not going to match my expectations. I should 'settle' for the best I can do but I am not too happy with that. I want better but I really don't have the skills. Its a dilemma.

The v-berth panels minus the fake drawer fronts. The drawer fronts have a couple more coats of varnish to go before I install them.

The panel behind the head. The area suddenly got smaller with the panel in place. Funny, it fit perfectly before I took it home to paint and install the door frames. Now it seems a bit off. Luckily I can cover the discrepency with trim pieces.

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