Sunday, August 24, 2008

Guest visits and a night in the doghouse

Work is being done but my ability to update the blog has been hampered by a number of guest visits to the boat. Last night my guest visit extended into the time my girlfriend had reserved for a special home cooked meal and I got to eat the special meal cold and out of the dog's dish.

I am busy getting back into good graces today and the pictures will have to remain in the camera for another day or two.

In brief, (since I have to get off this computer immediately!)...

I put what I think is the final coat of hull primer on. The starboard side is sanded baby bottom smooth and it looks good. I burned through in just a few spots but they are pretty small and I am not sure if I am going to worry about it.

The overhead got a fourth coat of the yacht enamel. It doesn't really look any different from the third coat except I missed a spot so graciously pointed out by one of my guests. I may say good enough for this year or I may deal with it but I am pushing it down the priority list for now.

The settee bottoms and lockers got a second coat of Bilge-kote. They are looking pretty good. I will probably hold off for a final 'freshening' just before I close the settee lockers in with paneling.

I put a first coat of the yacht enamel on the previously primed beadboard. I don't really think they need a second coat. I will think about it.

I put a first coat of varnish on the oak mast beam and vertical oak posts.

I test fit the beadboard panel behind the head. Suddenly the head area looks much smaller but the panel with the original and freshly varnished doors look pretty nice. For some reason the panel fit perfectly before but it doesn't now. I think I can fix it with some trim. There seems to be more angle in the deck than I thought. The door frame is level with the deck line which makes it look a bit slanting. I am not sure if I am the only one to really notice or not. It was much easier to put the frame in on the bench but now I wonder if I should have installed it in place where I could have visually checked it while putting it together.

I really have to go now and buy a nice breakfast. Pictures soon.

never never leave your girlfriend with a fancy home cooked meal at home while you hang out at the boatyard talking about your overly obsesive boat project. Being forgetful is no excuse.


Anonymous said...

Re: Meal/doghouse. Ulp! Sorry - I had no idea.

The boat is looking fabulous. Topsides look like elephant skin but feel smooth as glass :D

(I did point out at least 50 good things before mentioning that headliner paint flaw.)

britton said...

One flaw erases all the good stuff...

Elephant skin?! You are making me paranoid! I will post a picture so everyone else knows what you are talking about.