Monday, July 28, 2008

Slow week

Rain, fierce thunderstorms and cash paying jobs ruled the week.

I did manage to get the fiberglass tabbing on the interior panels behind the settees that I had installed last week. I also scuffed up the hull in preparation for an additional coat of gray primer. Hopefully this will be the last coat but the way things are going it is hard to have much confidence in that.

Sadly, when I pulled off my new tarp today I got it caught on the edge of the companionway hatch and ripped a 6 foot section.

The topcoat, thinners, and converters came in this week. The color has an Awlgrip code assigned to it so I was thinking it would come at the standard price which seems to be about $150 a gallon these days. Apparently I was wrong. They had to mix it and my final price through my normally very reasonable distributor was about $350. I guess it is the price you pay for being a little different. I console myself by saying in two years I won't be crying over the extra $200 the special color cost me. Total cost for the topcoat materials alone was $591. Nothing about boat projects is cheap. Hence, when someone offers me some work I really have to take it.

This week looks more promising, productivity wise. I am looking at painting the interior overhead liner, painting the inside of the settee lockers, painting the hull again, maybe painting the bottom ...

I guess I better order up some more painting supplies.

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