Friday, July 11, 2008

Back to work


The first time the tarp has been off in over two weeks I think. The hull really doesn't look nearly as bad as the photo suggests but the ultra bright sun messes with my camera's light readings. It isn't perfect but it isn't as terrible as you might think either.

I wasn't able to paint today. That would be too optimistic. I did however return to work.

The galley this morning.

The galley this afternoon.

I forgot to take a picture from the cockpit looking into the cockpit lockers. It seems somehow much smaller with the cockpit storage areas closed off from the cabin areas.

Just getting back up to speed and remembering where I left everything took a bit of time. There were a few trips back and forth before I really got busy.

I finished up by installing a bunch of little blocks that will hold interior panels in place. Rather mundane and boring but necessary. They don't look pretty but I get a perverse sense of pleasure from re-using parts that came out of the boat originally. These blocks are all mahogany bits that were removed when the original interior was gutted. The wood is in good shape after 40+ years. A few odd holes and and rough edges make them look bad but bilgekote will hide all that and make it look beautiful. You won't be able to see these bits with the interior panels installed anyway.

I spent a little time trying to sort out how my galley is going to look. I need to have an idea before I install structure and panels under the galley table. At one time I had big ideas about maximizing the storage area with little cubbies and shelves and such but now I think I am going to stick with a simple and open plan and modify it in a few years if I feel the need. Often times less is more anyway. I put in an 'interior' in four hours using AC plywood several years ago in order to get cruising. It looked ugly but was quite functional and versatile. Sometimes too much clutter is just too much clutter.

My four hour interior:

Anyway, nothing terribly exciting. There is hope for a good hull washing and a fresh coat of gray primer on the hull tomorrow. I can only hope.


Tim said...

Britton wrote: "You won't be able to see these bits with the interior panels installed anyway."

But we'll all know they're there...

britton said...

But only because I told you :-)