Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Stoking the fires

Nothing of worth to report.

It has been altogether too cold for my fragile constitution. With the holidays behind me I can start planning for a couple of projects however.

I have contacted the makers of Awl-Grip and started the process of procuring a custom paint mix. For the moment I am going to keep the final color secret. It should be good and it should be unique. It probably won't go with my canvas so I guess I will be shopping for new canvas next year too.

I am also planning on buying the material for replacing the standing rigging this winter. The New England Boat show is coming up and I might find a deal. In either case I am going to load a credit card and get moving on that project while it is still too cold for much significant outdoor boat work.

If I get lucky then I might try and finish up the head project and do something about my missing cabin sole. It would be nice to have them done before the mad rush of spring.

I was hoping to work on a couple of projects at home but so far my efforts to paint have been stymied and the solution hasn't presented itself. The results are getting better but not good enough yet. The problem seems to be the amount of dust particles in the air. Covering up the painted material has helped but not enough. I might try fully enclosing the painted materials but then I am not sure how well the paint is going to cure in such a restricted atmosphere.

I am pissing in the wind here and I might just be better off doing nothing rather than continuously doing the wrong thing.

I reworked my ugly dinghy oars. That is something I guess.

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brushfiremedia said...

Is it the secret color we've been discussing all these long years, or a different secret color?