Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Being a total Wuss

I was planning on getting out to the boat today. And then I decided that 30 degrees was too cold so I stayed at home.

With my paint and adhesives option being about nil this time of year there isn't much I could do anyway. On the other hand, having little to do is making me very lazy. Recently I thought I heard the tick-tock of the launch clock which has me worried. It is going to be a busy spring.

I was going to build my own rigging this winter. After doing some research it looks like it might cost just the same or even cheaper to have a professional rigger do it. I want to learn but maybe I don't need to do the complete rig, especially when it looks like it could be MORE expensive than having the pros do it. Maybe I will rig the dinghy for sail instead. I have an appointment next week with the rigger. If nothing else I should have a better idea of how I want to do it and what state the current rig is actually in.

The secret color chip from Awl-Grip came in last week. It looks good. Maybe not quite dark enough but I am sending it to friends with better senses of color than me to check it out. At the New England Boat show yesterday I walked by a dark red "Claret" hull that called out to me. I keep thinking that red really isn't my color but it does look nice and I don't think there is a single Triton out there in that shade. So many choices...

I am trying to build a small paint booth for painting small parts in the basement. It is not up and running yet but if I can get it to work I can get several small projects about done which will make my springtime workload much easier.

And then I have to figure out where the boat is going this year. I definitely won't be cruising all summer so I am going to need a mooring. Salem, MA is the most likely candidate. Newburyport is another more expensive option. I need to check it out this week. They don't give those things away, that is for sure. It might be cheaper to cruise all summer rather than pay for the mooring. Salem is further away from me - a real pain to drive to - but the cruising area is better (Massachusetts bay and Boston harbor area). Newburyport is close and a nice town to hang out in but it is a long motor against strong tides and currents with very little destination options once I get out of the river.

Oh, we did have a warm day last week so I glued down my vinyl flooring under the toilet. Now I can mount the toilet and hook it up whenever I grow some balls.

Em tasol wantok

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