Sunday, May 19, 2013


June 6th. D-Day.  Also known as my tentative launch date.

I was initially planning on an earlier launch but with the weather everyone is behind so I don't feel terribly bad about the late start.  I still have a couple of unopened quarts of varnish waiting for better weather.

Last weekend was a total bust due to the heavy rains.  The time wasn't completely wasted as I was able to load up that splicing video again and finish up my running rigging.  No matter how many times I make an eyesplice with the double braided line, I still need to go back to my reference video.

Not my most productive weekend but not a complete loss either.

My devious plans to abduct a partner to help me install my exhaust pipe didn't work out so well either.  Clearly I am going to have to up my game.  Next week I have been promised some help.  I hope so or I will soon be getting desperate.

This weekend among a bunch of small wrap up items I spent some time reviewing the engine which is the only real obstacle before launching.  I seem to be in pretty good shape.  I had planned on buying a pair of new water impellors this morning but my local supplier wasn't open.  I guess they don't open on the weekends until after Memorial day.  What is the point in that?

Anyway, materials are all there or on the way so I feel reasonably comfortable about the engine.  Rigging is basically done.

While not the most important thing I could be working on I spent some time on my interior again this weekend.  I did some final sanding and oiling of the galley counter top.  I was a little concerned when I bought the specialty butcher block oil because it is completely clear and I was afraid it would add no color to my very plain white maple counterop.  Thankfully, the oil added just the right about of color and the oiled walnut looks really great.

After three trips to the hardware store for hardware (have I mentioned that I am dimensionally challenged?...)  I was able to secure the sink firmly in place.  And then I decided that I needed to leave the sink loose so that I could slide in the engine start battery.  Plus, I realized it would be better to add a bit of sealant under the lip of the sink so that random bits of water doesn't find its way to the storage locker underneath.

I did quite a bit of varnishing this weekend actually.  Today's weather was the first opportunity this year to lay it down.  It is a stretch but I am hoping I can get enough build coats on the settee backs that after a coat of satin finish I will be able to permanently install the locker doors.  Doors without hinges are annoying.  Installing panels acrosse the back of the galley would be victory too.  It won't hold me back from sailing but it looks so much more fnished with the panels in place.  Plus, I might be able to play around with the shelving over the summer.

Stovetop structure and a few other bits and peices were worked on as well but no pictures were taken.

I felt some real momentum today until I realized that last week's rains meant I had a grass field in my front yard this weekend.  My momentum died when I had to find and drag out my very neglected and unloved lawn mower. 

So it looks like I have a three day weekend to wake up the engine, finalize the rig and uncover Jenny.  Then one final weekend and then launch. The pressure is definitely there but I have some hopes that all will be well.  It will be more of a case of what gets done and what waits until next year.  Handrails for example; most likely next year sadly.

Fingers crossed.

Bunden er båtløs mann.  Men det er ikke meg!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tick tick tick

The countdown has definitely begun and I can hear the unrelenting tick tock of the launch day countdown timer.  As usual, I feel like I have too much to do and too little time to do it all in.  It doesn't help that my sickness last month has boomeranged and I am getting a second round of it now.  Back then I had the luxury of resting and convalescing.  Not so anymore. Tick tick tick...

I am really happy about having a water system this  year.  I feel so much more civilized. One thing I never did (five or six?) odd years ago when I put the tank in was actually open the access panels and look inside.  With all the grinding and sanding that has occured since then I figured it was a good idea to clean out the tanks before drinking from them.  I was mildly suprised at how clean they were inside.  A minor amount of dust but nothing to worry about.

I brought some nuts this time and was able to bolt down the pumps into place.  Then after rinsing and wiping down the inside of the bilge tank I pumped 5 gallons through the system.  Have  I mentioned I really like my new water system?...  Then to complete the water system checkout I filled the tank through the deck fitting.  A lot more dirt came through after that which means I will be doing some more cleaning in the near future.

While doing this I had a rare moment of memory recall and I remembered that when I spec'ed out the tank I had the welders put a fitting on the top section so that I could drop a rod down in to measure the quantity of fluid inside.  Until now I had completely forgotten about that open hole buried under the cabin sole.  That would have been a nasty surprise the day before launch.

Of course I couldn't remember exactly where the fitting was and I had to resort to a few exploritory drilling operations until I located the center of the hole.  I will be adding a hinged cover apparently  to cover this all up at some point.

Really it isn't so bad.  Of course those shavings in the above photo dropped into my tank adding to the amount of cleaing I need to do.



My initial thoughts for this season was to leave the sink drain hose extra long and simply pull up the sink to gain access underneath just until I was happy with how it was all working.  The problem was that the drain hose kept kinking so today I cut out a proper access to the under sink area.  The eventual plan is to add a dropleaf to the countertop which will cover this access door.

I had intended to install the engine exhaust today but ran into a few snags.  The first is that I had forgotten the gasket and it took a bit of searching to find it.  The second is that it is really awkward to hold it in position and get the bolts started; expecially since the fittings all need to be 'tweaked' into their final position ( I will be sure to ask, cajole, bribe, kidnap a helper next weekend).  Finally, the box of cloth wrap I bought from Moyer Marine was too short.  I need to purchase another roll.  I will do that locally and save some money.

I have compiled a list of "things that need to be done before launch".  It is a long list.  I haven't set up an offical launch date yet but I was thinking about the last weekend in May until I realized that was Memorial Day weekend - a weekend I usually stay far away from the water and inebriated boat skippers.  Maybe the following weekend.  Certainly not the weekend after next.  I should probably quit my job so I have more time for the boat...

Tick tick tick...