Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lost and Found

So I went to the boatyard last weekend and found...

...an empty spot where Jenny used to be.

A quick drive over the bridge into Salisbury ...

... and I found this familiar looking nose peeking out.

So two weeks ago Friday I got a letter telling me the boat yard had been sold and recomending a new boat yard nearby.  If I chose that boatyard the move would be paid for by the current yard being sold.

I did some checking around again over the weekend and had some past offers recinded unfortunately so the best course of action seemed to be to take the offer of a free move and simply move over to the other side of the river; at least for this coming season.

I am glad it didn't take long to make my decision because the following Monday, I got a call asking if  I had made a decision to move and could they move Jenny TODAY.  Seemed a little fast so I stalled them for a day while I cleaned and straightened the boat in preparation for the move and cleaned around under the keel.  I hauled a lot of stuff out to be tossed in the back of my garage...

It is amazing how that stuff just piles up.

So the move is done.  I have barely introduced myself at the new yard and haven't started any work there because they seemed quite eager to have full payment up front and I wasn't expecting to pay that bill for a few months.  The old yard usually asked for a deposit with the remainder before Christmas. 

And just to make life that much more interesting, my current employer decided they didn't need the help any more and so I found myself unemployed with no advance warning.  That little disruption has messed up my routine a bit too.  Last time I found myself in this situation I spent the spring and summer prepping Jenny  for paint which worked out well except when I did start looking for new work I found a big economic depression  in my way which meant I was under employed for much longer than expected.   While I would like to sit back, collect unemployment checks and fit out the boat for the next few months, my past experience suggests I should get right to work getting right to work.

Now that I am in the routine of looking for regular employment and doing the self employed thing on and off I should be able to get back to the REAL work of taking care of the 'love of my life' as Jenny as sometimes been referred to as.

I attempted to continue with the stove cabinetry this past weekend only to realize I had forgotten some of my measurements so I am off to the yard later today to get that going again and kick the whole project into gear again.

Lately this blog has turned into a mess of non productivity and excuses. I am trying to change that.  The new cherry stock I bought last week looks great.  I should have it all cut up in no time :-)

Laters Taters,  ;-)

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