Monday, October 17, 2011

Little bit of vane

The weekend was not quite as productive as I had hoped but progress nonetheless.

Fuss and more fussing and then drilling the final holes for the windvane mounting. I was short a bolt and I don't like how the supplied bolts are threaded all the way to the head so I am just going to get 'normal' bolts. I also need to order some G4 or some such pre manufactured fiberglass sheeting for backing pads for the transom legs. Oh, and I need to look into blocks for the lines that run to the tiller. Otherwise, very close to being called done.

The mount tubing needed to be cut to length and then bolted to connect the tubing. Here are the lower and middle legs.

...and the top tubing.

... and stepping back a bit.

I had planned on putting a coat of varnish on all the interior wood Sunday but the temperatures never quite got high enough and the wind made it unpleasant. I was easily distracted into doing household chores and 'fun' stuff.

I am thinking my varnishing temps may be gone for the year and its time to think about tarping. I might have one more weekend left but ... based on my past progress reports I would guess that exterior/warmer weather projects are just about done for the year.

Running rigging is all in the back of my pickup to be delivered to the rigger for replacement. Not sure if I had mentioned that. Not that it is very noteworthy...

Em Tasol Wantoks.


Anonymous said...

I'm confused.... running rigging needs to go to a rigger for replacement? Get that Brion Toss splicing tool and have some winter fun, man!

oh yeah, the vane frame looks impressive too. ;)


Britton said...

Thanks, I needed that kick in the ass. It is about time I learned how to make up braided lines...

Anonymous said...

namba wan blog, tenkyu. Seriously though, this is great. I'm looking around for a triton myself.