Friday, September 10, 2010

Change of plans.

I had planned on taking this week off of work and going somewhere on vacation. Those plans changed suddenly. Having a whole week with nothing to do and some budgeted money now sitting around going to waste I made a hasty change of plans.

Taking care of the extra money was easy.

As for the time...

Great visual progress but only about 10% of the interior project is actually done. Now comes all the details.

The engine cover will eventually have the companionway steps permanently built in with the top stair being the countertop or maybe a small pull out shelf that hides under the bridge deck. The original stairs are just there in the interim. While I like the overall function of the original stairs, I don't like the extra step of removing them to gain access to the engine (and having to find a place to lay them down while I work) and they make a mess on the varnish where they attach to the companionway.

The galley tabletop will extend out the same amount on both sides. My original plan was to notch the table on the port side where it came up to the settee back. As I kept looking at it though I felt I was losing too much table space and not gaining anything from the extra settee back. So I notched out the settee back and the bamboo shelf behind it.

I oiled the cherry plywood partly for vanity reasons and partly because I learned the hard way how easily a little rain water stains the wood. It has been a week of mostly beautiful weather with occasional showers.

What is there to say?... I turned big sheets of plywood into little bits and pieces and added another thousand little problems for me to think about as I fall asleep at night.


Anonymous said...

Now that looks like a FUN week!!

Any special accommodations for easy or generous engine access?


Britton said...

It was a VERY fun week ;-)

Sadly, I haven't been able to figure out how to allow for a generous work space around the engine and still have a workable galley and some much needed storage space. I am afraid I am going to have to stick with Pearson's ideas about engine access: nice to have but not really possible on a little Triton. I am definitely open to suggestions though.

Anonymous said...

Affix some super-heavy-duty drawer slides to the engine beds, and a quick disconnect at the shaft.

Any time you need to do more than just check the oil, slide the whole engine out into the great wide open!

yes, yes I am a genius.