Sunday, June 6, 2010

Empty Nest

Well the Dove Saga is over. The nest was empty this week. I guess Momma didn't like her new digs after all. I kinda suspected that.

I am pretty sure I have mentioned that if I ever 'did it again' I would not start a boat project without decent covered storage. I think I need to amend that opinion. If I was to ever buy a boat again I wouldn't until I had decent covered and heated indoor storage.

I make this amendment as I look at my thinning-by-the-day-under-the-intense-summer-sun varnish trim on Jenny. The weather continues to be uncooperative to varnish and it wouldn't be where I wanted it even if I didn't have the little bird issue to contend with. I have decided that to maintain the boat in the condition I would like will require better storage options. My winter cover is nice but I am restricted in width by the boatyard rules so I can't get to the toerails while the cover is on. Even with a bigger cover the temperature and humidity hasn't been where I need it to be either. Of course a big part of my problem is that I am restricted to weekends only which is severely limiting my options. I really just have no time for wage earning work. My boat needs me.

I am really sick of boatyard storage even if I am in a pretty good boatyard. I think it is time to start searching seriously for a house for my boat. A house for myself would be nice too but I think that is out of the question considering what I have spent on the boat. I have gone this far for the boat's sake; I might as well buy Jenny her own house and THEN we will both be happy and content...

Fighting the heavy rainshowers, I managed to get some details done. A thorough washdown cleared away all the winter grime (and black sneaker marks from when I was too careless about my 'no shoes' rule). The cabin sole has a coat of polyurethane on it. The saloon shelving is completely installed and awaiting the cherry paneling.

and that is about it. Nothing really worth taking a picture of.

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