Monday, May 24, 2010

Momma's gone but ...

but baby Dove is being reluctant about leaving the nest.

On a positive note; my girlfriend is thrilled to have me around and available on the weekends. She has been getting into sea kayaking in a big way and I have been participating with her.

I have to say, considering the aquisition and yearly maintenance costs, you get a tremendous bang for the buck with a kayak. They are tons of fun and but a fraction of the cost of a small cruising sailboat.

Truth be known, I have purposefully avoided kayaks because I knew I would like them but I didn't want any more distractions in my life. I am busy enough as it is. Despite my best intentions I may be losing the battle. Kayaks are a lot of fun.

I have high hopes for some real boatwork next week. That's about it.

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Anonymous said...

yeah, but is there a booze locker on a kayak?