Sunday, April 4, 2010

Any progress is good progress

Warm sunny temperatures tempted me with a cabin sole installation.

Unfortunately, reality also made itself felt. I spent the weekend fixing household and automotive stuff mostly. The plan was to use five gallon buckets filled with water to weight down the sole but the boatyard has not turned on the water yet. It is 80 degrees today but last week it was freezing.

I made some small progress by washing the interior and installing the settee locker shelving which needs to be in before the settee backs are installed.

Sorry about the lighting. Despite the sunny warm temperatures the tarp is still over the boat for now. I am waiting to see how rainy April turns out to be before I start dismantling the boat cover.

Not much but I guess any progress is good.


Ariel | CD 36 said...

Absolutely. Progress is progress, big or small. Friday didn't end up being the big progress day I was hoping for on the Ensign project, but we did make progress. Little by little it will get done. Hang in there.

Britton said...

Does this Ensign project have a blog? I would be interested in following along. Nice boats those Ensigns.

Britton said...

I guess I could have got off my lazy butt and searched a bit. I found it without much trouble. Always good to find others sharing in my madness :-)