Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring cleaning

Beautiful weather yesterday. 70 degrees and sunny. Unfortunately (for the boat) I had prior plans to meet friends at the Maine Boatbuilders Show in Portland Maine. Its easily my favorite show. Hardly a bland one piece deck mold to be found anywhere and they actually had boats I could think about affording. Not an inefficient power hungry hideous looking piece of frozen snot that costs more than my house to be found. Well, there was one, made by Sabre, but overall I think they are one of the better made boats and it was easy to walk past that one. No sign of Hinckley. I think for all intents and purposes they are dead.

Anyway, after the great weather saturday I was hoping to install my cabin sole on Sunday. Unfortunately the nice weather didn't quite hold. I used the day to fiddle with my engine box and do a much overdue general cleanup. Anyone that has taken more than a passing glance at some of my photos over the winter has probably noted the increasing level of clutter, shavings, sawdust, dirt and just plain grunge. I didn't have a scrubber so the grunge is still there but I cleaned up everything else.

The interior was last painted two years ago and I have done a lot of work in there since then and I think a fresh coat of paint is called for. I think it is also time to stop treating the insides like a workshop and start treating Jenny like the quality boat that she is becoming. It is going to be a tough transition considering my level of laziness but I think it is time.

I need more paint on the engine box sides I tinkered with today so I didn't install them. I am really going to miss that wide open access. I am really going to like having a framed in galley though.

Other than that, I applied more coats of clear satin polyurethane to the shelving.

Here is a picture that just shows how the bamboo and cherry paneling are going to look put together.

And that is it. Hopefully, the weather this weekend is here to stay and not just a teaser.

Em tasol wantoks.


Jennifer said...

Getting close to interior-decorating time! Glad you got so much done!

Tim said...

Looks like a colder (i.e. seasonable) weekend coming up.